Foundationize: A WordPress & Foundation 6 Starter Theme

If you are looking to use Foundation 6 in your WordPress theme this Foundation 6 starter theme was designed to be simple and extendible - use it as a parent theme or simply modify it to suit your needs.

Foundationize WP starter theme DEMO.

Note: The steps below assume you have a PHP-enabled web server up and running.

Installing the Foundationize theme

  1. Download the code from github.com/foundationize/foundationize.

    Note: Do not do a git clone from this repository - Unless you would like to contribute to it (great! contact us).

    After extracting the zip file, you can rename the folder from 'foundationize-master' to 'foundationize'.

  2. Upload (using FTP) the foundationize folder into your wp-content/themes directory of your WP installation.

  3. Point your browser to your WP admin area of your WP installation, and navigate to Appearance > Themes.

    Activate the Foundationize theme.

    That's it, your theme is installed!

  4. We highly recommend setting your permalinks to 'Post name' (In WP-Admin, go to Settings > Permalinks). This will ensure the pages created (see install config below) work correctly.

Post-install configuration

After installing your theme, we recommend reading the following to understand the structure of the theme.

  1. Pages

    Activating the theme automatically inserts a few demo pages into your WP system:
    (These are linked to in the header and will need your permalinks set to 'post name' to work)

    One (1A, 1B, 1C subpages), Two, Three
    Simple content pages.
    The frontpage. To change, go to WP Admin > Settings > Reading.
    Page where posts are listed.
    Contact & Thank you
    The contact and thank you (contact page's 'thanks for submitting') pages.
  2. Menu

    Upon theme activation, a menu is automatically created in the WP system.

    To change the menu, go to WP Admin > Appearance > Menus.

  3. Sidebar

    By default, the sidebar is empty so will not appear on the homepage.

    To make the sidebar appear, go to WP Admin > Appearance > Widgets and add some widgets to the sidebar.

  4. Theme options

    To configure various theme options like social media button URLs, contact form email settings etc go to WP Admin > Foundationize (menu in LHS).